Monday, April 25, 2005

Bookmark Keyword Feature in FireFox & Smart Search!

Here is a cool feature that I discovered in firefox while trying to solve one of the day to day headaches of remembering big URL's!!
FireFox has a feature called Bookmark keywords where u can assign a keyword for a bookmark. So u dont even need to select the bookmark from the bookmarks menu, just type in the keyword for the bookmark in the address bar, and Firefox will launch the bookmarked page!

You can add a keyword to an existing bookmark, by going to Bookmarks Menu -> Select Manage Bookmarks, now select the bookmark for which you want a keyword, right click and select properties. In the Keyword textbox, type in the keyword with which you want to remember the bookmark.
Click ok Addkeyword. Launch a new Tab, and type in your keyword and voila firefox launches your bookmarked page.
Cool Isnt it!

Well the good part doesn't end there. You can have something like a dynamic keyword or a Smart Search Keyword.
It means you can have bookmark keywords for example to search stocks.
lets say how cool it wud be to just type "gimme INFY" and you get the stock prices for INFY right away.
Ok ok lets go about doing this!
1. I am picking the yahoo stock site for this,(u can use any one). Go to Yahoo Finance!
2. Now you would see a Enter Symbol(S) textbox in the top of the site. Put your cursor in the textbox.
3. Right click and select "Add a keyword for this search"!
4. You get a dialog, type in name for your bookmark. Type a keyword, lets say "gimme". Click ok
5. Now here comes the fun part. Open a new tab. Type in "gimme INFY". voila u get the stock details page of infosys stocks. Try "gimme MSFT" now.

Fun isnt it!
Information access made easier.
Hope you like it and enjoy it!
Happy FireFoxing!