Thursday, November 17, 2005

"All In One Gestures" extension Review

It really really does save time. "All in One Gestures" is a superb new plugin for FireFox that literally controls ur browser with a swish of your hand..
So all u ppl you wont't let go of your mouse but hate to point and click to get simple chores done like "Go Forward", "Go Backward" & "Refresh" etc..
The simple solution is to swish with your mouse. Yes this exciting extension to firefox allows you to execute browser commands by making mouse gestures. Drag and line from right to left and u go back in history. Drag a line up and then down and the page reloads. Though it seems a wacky fancy not to be used much idea, it indeed saves time as u dont have to jump to keyboard shortcuts or move ur mouse away from page content to the browser toolbar for navigation.
I would say this puts a steering wheel to browser control. Imagine how would your car be if u need to press left button or right button to turn your car. Thats how the browsers are now. But with this extension it just changes the way u navigate the cyberworld.
The mapping forward forward and backward are intuitive but other mappings are not so. But of course it can be learned.
Get the plugin at
Or at the mozilla extensions site.